Over more than 30 years Bill has drawn, sung, acted, animated, almost any kind, size, and medium. Click here to see larger samples.

Bill Connolly is an internationally- syndicated illustrator, cartoonist and writer.

He has drawn everything from crazy caricatures at Disneyworld to original comic strips, detailed book illustrations and even a gameboard!

Having co-hosted and produced comedy pieces for nationally top-rated radio morning shows for over 30 years give him a fresh feel for connecting with an audience on both a humorous and serious, empathetic level.

His artistic abilities as a 'one-man band' in music allow him to provide fully created, performed and produced jingles, music beds and more in his versatile home studio! He can turn over your illustration and music projects quickly and efficiently- while offering unlimited creative copywriting input when needed!

Bill Connolly lives blissfully with his wife of 35 years, Virginia, in Pinellas Park, Florida. He endlessly creates cartoons, illustrations, music and radio comedy bits from his amazingly versatile studio in his home- (that daughter Leah named: "The House that JOKES Built").

How it all began...

The creative explosion accelerated in 1976, when "Beetle bailey' creator Mort Walker referred Bill Connolly to a caricaturing job at Disneyworld. Since then, he has written and illustrated several books and comic strips- including one that currently reaches up to 280 million readers in over 30 languages and 55 countries!!
As a 30-year-veteran of the airwaves, Bill has been writer/ producer of the #1 Radio Morning Show in the USA- ""Tampa's Original Q Morning Zoo"- the first show ever to be simulcast on TV!!

Bill's areas of creative expertise are:

  • Illustrating & cartooning (gagwriting & drawing) CLICK HERE FOR ILLUSTRATIONS
  • Music creation, composing, performing & full production- as executed in the making of hundreds of radio parody songs in 30 years. (some internationally distributed by American Comedy Network and All Star Radio.) Bill's syndicated radio contest "The Polka Monster' - enjoyed by hundreds of stations worldwide-is still rolling after 23 years!!
    Copywriting, creation, voicing and production of radio ads. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE ADS.

Let Bill help you dazzle your audience by transforming your next project!!!

  • I can deliver full-color art quickly
  • Sketching it out for approval after discussing the project.
  • Adding black & white line drawing.
  • Digital Coloring (Adjustments and embellishments are super-easy in a digital format)
  • I can deliver the artwork instantly on jpeg or pdf files through e-mail-and deliver hard copy art on request.


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